GirlsDelta Asuna Yanagisawa 柳沢明日菜

GirlsDelta Asuna Yanagisawa 柳沢明日菜

GirlsDelta Asuna Yanagisawa 柳沢明日菜

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Azuma Yanagisawa

BBW sister’s elder sister Yanagisawa Akita appears in Girls Delta.
It is a model of Super Long Hair whose hair length is around the butt.

When the movie starts, it begins with a whole body image of the standing clothes, stretches his legs to the chair and sits pants.
It was an image that fiddled with streaks from above the pants.
Continuously turning over the pants, there were truly chubby ladies, it was a complete one line. (I close the legs firmly)
I saw it in closeup at various angles.

After taking off the pants, it will show us over the Wallej.
From there Masturbation playing Walleme and Cri with off BGM.
For ten minutes, I have been fiddling with Walleme and Cri with my fingers, but how you mess with me will change.
Sometimes I express my facial expression, I can also enjoy the looks that looks feels good during masturbation. Also pay attention to sound.

Yanagisawa Akita chan appeared in a flashy underwear appearance after 21 minutes.
It is also a volume that can make a blemish stripe of a gutsuri in the cleavage of the bra’s breasts.

When I take off my underwear, I feel the dynamite body of mugwort. Really adorable.
Walleme is keeping one line streaks, shamu hills are beautiful.

Living on the sofa Yanagisawa Asuna

While standing up, we enjoyed raising up and enjoying nipple up images with high image quality.
Both Walleje and Nipple are thoroughly fiddling with their fingers over time.
There were no hair around the isolae and it was very beautiful.

Next, Yanagisawa Akita who seats nakedness on the chair.
I could see such a cool expression, tits, cunt up.
From the way, there are pictures which show the inside with the fingers pulled to the left and right.
I want to pay attention to vidicon opening mouth and clip-up image.
I was able to see this again over time.
From around 34 minutes and 50 seconds it will be silent and it will be an image image that can hear surrounding sounds.
Even if BGM is gone, you can enjoy local upgrading still.


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