GirlsDelta Chisuzu Matsuo 松尾千鈴

GirlsDelta Chisuzu Matsuo 松尾千鈴

GirlsDelta Chisuzu Matsuo 松尾千鈴

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モデル名 :
松尾千鈴 (Chisuzu Matsuo)
サイズ :
スタジオ :
シリーズ :
コンテンツ :
画像 6フォルダ
作品カテゴリ :
ミニスカート, 局部アップ, ランジェリー, 追加画像, 高画質画像, 30トークン以下作品
モデルカテゴリ :
ナチュラル 大和撫子 一本スジ


Chizu Matsuo is a chubby girl at first sight, but in reality, I think that the height is high and I think that it is a girl that looks normally. Is it a little touch even if it looks bad?
A little brown hair straight hair seems to be young.

Initially stand down and lower your pants and start with your ass. It’s a tight ass, this is erotic for some reason with this. It is also noteworthy that the butt is pure white and beautiful.
After the tricky face it turns to the front and it becomes a show of the groin between the crotch. It was nice with a beautiful and complete one line.
There is no way to say that it is beautiful without any hair removal and no shaving of hair.

In the next scene, I was able to see beautiful Walleme with my posture lying on my back. It is good that you keep a single line even if you open the legs to the left or right somewhat.
I think that it is likely to become so because it is slightly tense.
Here, I looked at the state of pushing the labia and labia with my fingers while lying face up. I think that it is a pleasant one scene for Susumania because there is a reasonable amount of time.

In the next scene, Chizu Matsuo who poses by wearing pink underwear on the stairs in the room.
In the grammar body, there is a slight feeling, but somehow it does not look like a chubby. Is it because he is still tall?
Put the pants down gracefully and show them a streakwallet, and the poses that push out the hips from the railings of the stairs are sexy.

Matsuo Chizu

Remove the brassiere and have good shape. It is just beautiful milk. Maybe because of sunburn, it is good to see the swimsuit traces a little!
By eating a nipple with your fingers it makes me erect.

When the scene changes, you sit at the chair naked and stretch your legs to show me the streaks, or show me how the love juice leaks with the finger in the walleye.
After holding the legs on the chair, clitoris is also exposed with your fingers. This is a scene that you can fully enjoy the beautiful rhinoceros of Matsuo Chirosu.

Although it is a nude interview at the end, it is surprisingly noticed that the line of swimsuit traces is on the line. The traces of such sunburns got erotic.
While showing answers to questions, they show four holes on the bottom of the buttocks and show off the cheesy with M letters and entertain the audience.

You can also see how you are fiddling with clit with your fingers, but the movement like massaging up and down with your fingers is novelty. He also showed me a challenge to putting in fingers and feeling comfortable.

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