GirlsDelta Fusako Senda 千田総子 Vol 3

GirlsDelta Fusako Senda 千田総子 Vol 3

GirlsDelta Fusako Senda 千田総子 Vol 3

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Chikada Chida is a woman whose face is a bit plump.
However, the body is not likely to be plump.
I think that the body line is slender and the style is better.
But I also feel that it looks different depending on the scene.


Chikada Chiako, a pretty skirt appeared in a black turtleneck in the opening section.
Standing outside, rolling up the skirt and showing white pants.
Take off your pants, it is a shaved pussy that your little labia large came out.
Although it is not a serious streak, from here onwards, clearly speaking, this is a good point of Chiyoda Chida.


Next is a scene that sits on a chair with no pan in the outside and lightly opens his legs.
Even even a large clitoris is coming out from Walley rather than the labia minor lips.
Such a big clitoris is very erotic.
Fiddling with the foreskin, exposing the clitoris and covering the skin was very good.
As I was fiddling with female instruments like that, the female genitalia was getting wet gradually.
Ultimately, the clitoris that will become a null null of Gushogucho is highlight.
It was a level that I can watch without skipping the movie, so I made a lot of mistake.


Next, Ms. Chiyoda Chida who is lying on the sofa indoors.
Clothes are the same as the opening section, but I rolled up my clothes, exposed my boobs, I lowered the pants down to the thighs, turned the skirt and showed us Walleme.
Highlights of nipple upgrades and local upgrades.
Strangely, the early stage had so much labia minor lips coming out, but when closing the gauntlet legs on the back, it does not bring out Hami to that extent.
However, when I plucked Walleme with his fingers, that big clitoris was alive.


I am touching the clitoris on his back and with all four crawling positions.
You can watch such images over time.


Chichiko Chida


The midfield is back on the sofa again, and the scene expose the clitoris by widely spreading the legs.
This wonderful erected clitoris invites excitement.
Since the legs are widely spread, we can confirm the clitoris more securely than the scenes so far, I am using it with my fingers after all.
There are several kinds of messing methods, not one pattern, and it is a good place to see various things.


Next is the indoor image of Chiyoda Chida who was in her underwear appearance.
It shows the underwear appearance carefully, then afterwards underwear is taken off.
Let’s take a close look at Chiba’s Chiba’s boobs, facial expressions, Shaved Pussy.
Especially in the scene where clitoris is seen from the top in 37 minutes, it is a must-see in the image which understands how much clitoris is protruding!

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