GirlsDelta Hisayo Muto 武藤久代

GirlsDelta Hisayo Muto 武藤久代

GirlsDelta Hisayo Muto 武藤久代

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Let’s review the movie of Muto Hisayo who makes black hair feel Yamato Hitoshiko.
His name Muto Hisayo appears in blue dressed clothes.
Muto Hisayo has appeared on AV of other sites, but even in that work it is the same outfit with this polka dress.
So I can guess that Girls Delta is also using model clothes for shooting.
Well, I guess.


First we sit on the sofa, roll up the skirt part and show the pants.
This pants are white pants with the customary specification of Girls Delta.
Pictures that let you know the outlines of the labia majora in the state of wearing pants.


After taking off the pants, it becomes a pose holding a leg with a no-pan, and you will see your cunt in the up.
You can also see how you are fiddling with your fingers.
Dove-up image of the labia minora which was taken full of the screen was masterpiece.


In addition, it becomes M shaped leg with sofa, and opens the cunt in the left and right.
Attention is focused on the mucosa in the brown labia minora.
I think that the pink slipper mucosa near the vaginal opening is beautiful.


After that, the image of the wall in a yellow room.
In the image of the standing, I rolled the dress up to my chest and exposed the breasts and barefoot at the same time.
Continuation of nipple daunt, cuntless daunt and unforgivable dead-up image.
Of course, I could see the expression of Muto Hisayo ‘s face and whole – body video in between.


Muto Hisayo who will lie on his back with a lower-body no-pan


In the next scene, Mr. Hisayo Muto lying on his red carpet.
I am wearing a dress of polka dots, but since I have rolled up to the shoulder, I can say it is naked.
Picture that you can enjoy boobs and Wallej on your back.
After lying down, it was an image that was crawling all the way and able to see Anus and Shaved Pussy together.
There are erotic things even whenever you pose pose that protrudes your ass.


Midfield image footage of Mr. Hisayo Muto who wore a pale color underwear.
It is reflected to lick underwear appearance.
Girls Delta has lots of camera work that reflects the body with close-up shooting like this licking, it is a feature and merit.


After that, pants, bra and take off each and whole body nude!
It was an image that can enjoy the whole body from the front, taking a pose of nakedness carefully.
This is a good picture as usual.


Lastly I sat on a red sofa and interviewed naked.
Here you can hear Mr. Hisashi Muto’s voice for the first time, but when you listen to your voice and spoken words, your impression will change.
Very cute voice, it is also characterized by a bit Husky.
I also showed a smile, and the image really changed with voice and expression.
I am surprised to see it.
In addition, it opens the door openly


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