GirlsDelta Kazuna Ichii 市井和菜

GirlsDelta Kazuna Ichii 市井和菜

GirlsDelta Kazuna Ichii 市井和菜

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Kazuna Ichii 市井和菜 is a sister whose height is 160 cm and whose bust is 77 cm.
It seems that it is slender in that it is bust 77 cm.

The early stage appears in the indoor in clothes form, taking off the skirt and only pants in the lower half.
While standing, the whole body was seen from the front and the side of the buttocks.
Also, the pants are cotton-based materials.

If you sit like stretching your legs in a chair while wearing pants, you twinkle the streaks with your fingers from above the pants.
After plunging thoroughly, you take off your pants, become no bread, stretch your legs and sit down.
Shuba is beautiful. The streak is two stripes.
Here I had a lot of fingers with raw falcons.

Also, I use fingers to expose my chestnut, or open my cunts with my fingers to the left and right.
It was also contents that can be seen over time.

Kazuna Ichii 市井和菜 holding naked legs

When I change scenes Ichii Wakana who lies on his back on his bed in underwear.
I take off my underwear on my back and become naked.
You can see the state of taking off and the whole body nude.

Next you fiddled nipples with naked on your back, masturbating putting fingers in Wallej.
In particular, it is interesting to see female instruments getting wet gradually by fingering fingers around the clitoris.
I have legs open so I can see it properly.
BGM disappears in the middle of masturbation and you can hear the voice of Kazuya Ichii.
Also note that the voice is cute and the movement and smile of the body after wearing.
Finally, I am also taking care of you.

After masturbation, interview naked.
Is the talking voice saying that it was a chillin type?
I stretched out my legs naked at nakedness, sitting, showing the whole body nude and answering the questions.
Even here we have an opening book and a crisp exposure.
I was talking while showing a smile.

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