GirlsDelta Koyuki Hosono 細野小雪

GirlsDelta Koyuki Hosono 細野小雪

GirlsDelta Koyuki Hosono 細野小雪

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Hono Koyuki of Slender with a length of about 164 cm.
It is a level that is quite slender and can say Garigari class.
This body shape is rare in Girls Delta, is not it?
Women are dieting, and there seem to be many people aiming at slender this slim.

The early stage is a scene where Hosono Kosui wearing uniforms turns up the skirt and shows pants.
Pants are not a type that you see well in the early stages of Girls Delta, but white pants of cotton.
It is unusual to trace the fabric in the crotch with your fingers.

Next you take off your pants and become no bread, you stretch your legs to the chair and sit down.
As expected there are only slender, Walleje has become two streaks.
Scenes that shoot the shamisaki with a dull up, I was able to enjoy a beautiful shaved bread.

There were also images of fingering the clitoris with the fingertips and peeling the foreskin.
While the upper body is in uniform shape, it may be an excitement factor to do such things with the lower body.

Hosono Koyuki turned back on her back

From the middle stage, Hosono Koyuki who was in her underwear appearance.
First of all, you can see a slender underwear figure.
It is thin and legs look long.
After taking off the pants, M shaped legs like holding a leg with a sofa.
It is a picture that you can enjoy shaved pussy at that time.
As love juice is also seen gradually, it is also a point around that.
Also, in the scenes where the legs of 22 minutes are extended, it is also a point that the streak seems to be one instead of two.

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