GirlsDelta Kumika Maekawa 前川久美佳

GirlsDelta Kumika Maekawa 前川久美佳

GirlsDelta Kumika Maekawa 前川久美佳

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Kumika Maekawa of Long Hair appeared in Girls Delta.
Black hairstyle up to the navel position is impressive.
Actually it is an AV actress Kagura Airi.
Some people wrote that there was a slightly older impression on the official Girls Delta site, but I personally thought that it was a sister system of my twenties and I think that it is actually young.


The early stage rolls up the skirt outside and shows you white pants.
Elegantly the fabric of the pants digs into the female instrument ‘s Walleje.
Take off your skirt and become lower figure pants as well.


Then leave the pants standing outside, and only the lower body becomes naked.
Y-shaped type of crack is impressive.
I can not miss the point that there are no hair shavings and it is a very beautiful shame.


Continuing, I rolled up my upper body clothes and I could see tits with nobler as well.
Maekawa Kumiya is a little tits.
As for the size, some people like the smaller one, so you probably prefer it.
It was a very beautiful breast.
Imaging footage where the boobs and walleye are fully exposed and the camera is standing from various places. There is also up of female genitalia.


Then sit on the bench with that dressing, close your legs and show bare feet, then continue to spread your legs.
There was a scene that spreads the labia minora with the fingers or exposes the clitoris by peeling the foreskin.
The doubled image is a masterpiece.


Kumika Maekawa who is naked and lies on his back


Next is Kumiya Maekawa who cosplays Halloween in the room.
It takes various postures with the cosplay of the lower body noopan.
Here the background is decorated like Halloween, and the atmosphere has come out.
Not only the model, but also feel the attention to the background.
I was able to enjoy Walleje on all fours and backs.
Also, a scene where you masturbate as it is and you fiddle with your nipples and rags with your fingers when lying on your back is also a focus.
In masturbation it was impressive that BGM disappeared, and the sound of love juice was heard.


Kumiya Maekawa who stands naked inside the room in the middle stage.
You can take close-ups to lick such whole body nude, enjoy facial expressions, boobs, Walleje.
Here also shows a smile.
Initially it felt that the whole body was evenly seen, and the crotch up was still much more.
Let’s enjoy plenty of beautiful lines.


In the second half, interview with a sitting nudity on a black sofa.
In this interview, he answers a horny question with a smile.
The natural smile that I could not see in the image image was impressive.


While answering the questions, it becomes a posture of four-fold or M-shaped legs, and opens the dick.
In addition, he touched the exposed clitoris with his fingers and also performed masturbation.
Masturbation feels like rubbing the left and right sides of the labia minor lips after clitoris masturbation was very impressive, I thought that such an unusual way can not be seen easily.
It is also paying attention to the expressions Ken Mikawa ‘s feeling.

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