GirlsDelta Narumi Furukawa 古川成美

GirlsDelta Narumi Furukawa 古川成美

GirlsDelta Narumi Furukawa 古川成美

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Furukawa Nami-chan is a woman with calm feeling as long as you can see at a glance, Yamato pencil seems to have a little lolly atmosphere!
Body shape with a moderate flesh and just bubbly. What makes you awesome at the beginning is tits that you can understand even from the top of your clothes! The outline of boobs is somewhat different. But somehow it is erotic! Why do you feel that way?
As for shape, it will be understood later.

Sitting on the chair, stretching his legs and starting with the pants show, I will show off the shaved pussy with the pants turned over.
It was a type of sex that has labia minora coming out from among the valleys of the labia majora. It is highest at the level where one piece of wrinkle of labia minora looks clear. I enjoyed flying with such fingers.

As the scene changes, Furukawa Nami is in a stand, wearing a long sweater. No bread no bra.
After rolling up the sweater and showing the shaved pan, I will show you the boobs.
The scenes here are the moments when you roll up your sweater and show your boobs. You can see the tremor of the boobs at the moment the boobs are rolled up and the boobs are exposed, at 3 angles. This is so erotic! The feeling of Purunpurun swinging for a moment is wonderful.

Also, the shape of tortoised breasts of Mr. Furukawa Nami is impressive. It seemed like I was about to treat such breasts massively and massaging my nipples.

Furukawa Tsumami holding a leg holding a cunt

In the second half the scene where Furukawa Nami will lie on the floor.
Roll up the long sweater, it shows the shaved pussy and boobs over.
In the local up, she peels off and exposes clitoris. Enjoy the beautiful clitoris thoroughly, afterwards it will hold the legs open to the left and right.
When the legs are widely opened, it is nice to have a scene where the labia minora opens to the left and right. It is a natural open ceremony with no fingers. After enjoying naturally expanded rice cake, I am using a finger to open a pack.

In a naked interview, Furukawa Nami will show you the calm feel. The voice is also a woman of the system.
I am excited about how to open your cunt as you open your legs wide open while looking embarrassed.

Lastly, you can enjoy clitoris exposed from the skin with your fingers and feel good. I was able to watch the inside again after packing in masturbation.

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