GirlsDelta Rinka Toda 戸田凜佳 Vol 2

GirlsDelta Rinka Toda 戸田凜佳 Vol 2

GirlsDelta Rinka Toda 戸田凜佳 Vol 2

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Takeda Takeda is an ordinary figure of 158 cm, impression that it is pure Yamato stroked.
It is a perfect Japanese face and black hair is beautiful.


Firstly, the scene where the legs are stretched out in the chair, seated, the skirt is turned up and showed Walleme starts.
The early stage of Girls Delta in the spring of 2017 is divided into patterns of outdoor shooting and indoor shooting, but in the case of Toda Keika chan, it is from the interior.
You can see the lines that floated on your pants.
Take off your pants and show off shaved ice cream.
It is reflected from the front and it is beautiful that beautiful vertical lines continue to the bottom.
Although it is not a complete one streak, the Kuri side is only two somewhat, the rest is one.
Shaving traces are also beautiful.


Next, let’s sit down and spread your legs.
When the legs are gradually expanded, the labia majora naturally opens slowly, and continues to widen to the left and right with your fingers.
It became the image which Takeda Takeda’s expression and inside looked caught.


When the scene changes, the image of the stand.
When exposing the breasts from between the clothes a huge bead appears! I have an impact.
Continuously, I could see the appearance of becoming naked by pulling out clothes.


When you are naked, you can see the standing body of Takeda Toda from the front.
Also, look at the local part when standing from the front and beneath, dynamic picture.
Next, you will be crawling on all fours, you can see the annuance together.
It was also a super closeup here.


When the scene changes, you will face back on the sofa naked.
Here are image images that look equally, boobs, Wallejm evenly.
After that, masturbating a nipple with Walleje.
I was able to see how to touch chillly with BGM.


Interview at the end sitting naked and supine.
This interview is unexpectedly good as the whole body including facial expression is seen.
Of course, after that it is a closeup storm.


Moreover, I could see the cunt opens right and left handed.
Since there is no BGM here, I could listen to live voices and sounds.
This way of masturbating is like playing chryzin chillingly as if it gets stroked from above Walleme, this is also impressive.
After the masturbation, I could see the wet mucosa by opening the cunt again in the left and right with M legs.

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