GirlsDelta Rumina Kitagawa 北川留美菜

GirlsDelta Rumina Kitagawa 北川留美菜

GirlsDelta Rumina Kitagawa 北川留美菜

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GirlsDelta HD Videos-216 – Rumina Kitagawa – 北川留美菜.rar

Kitagawa Rumi-chan is a healthy body, is a slightly higher woman with a height of 165 cm.
At the beginning is an image image in a stylish room.
It is a type with buttons in front of one piece, showing off white pants by removing buttons.
I will show it with your finger from the top of the pants.


After that, he stood still and took off his trousers and also showed Walleme.
I feel a commitment to the shape of a dress when showing Walleme. It is a feature of Girls Delta that also sticks to how to see this part.
Walleme is a mixed type of two and one. I could see a part of the labia minora but there was also a part of the stilelelemen.


First of all, you can see a natural Walleje who has not touched it at all, and then you put a finger on Gueremi.
I want to pay attention to the movement of female instruments at that time and the expression of Kitagawa Rumi-chan. It is just a standing masturbation scene.


In the next scene, image image of Kitagawa Rumiki who was in her underwear in a room with a yellow background.
Picture that takes off your underwear and becomes naked, you can see the boobs and Walleje carefully.
Breasts are not only seen from the front, but also from the bottom can be checked for inflation. In addition, there is a scene which fiddles with a nipple with a finger.


There was also a scene which exposes clitoris by forcibly opening Walleje while standing from the middle.
Even if you stand, you can expose the clitoris so far as you forcibly expand!


Kitagawa Ryujaku who was naked on his back


From the middle stage appeared in costumes like idols.
To the red check skirt, navy blue cardigan and socks, white blouse.
Here I also stood up and rolled up the skirt and showed me the pants.
Approach to make haremes in the fabric of the crotch part is still alive.


After that, take off the skirt and pants, the upper body will wear clothes, the lower body will become no-pan.
While sitting like that, I sat on the chair by stretching his legs and will show off Walleme.
I like clothes like upper body idol, the shape of the lower half of the body is erotic. Here you can also see the smile of Riku Kitagawa ‘s dauntown and Kitagawa.
Also, I opened the cunt in the left and right and showed me the mucous membrane inside the labia minora

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