GirlsDelta Sachina Ogiwara 荻原倖奈

GirlsDelta Sachina Ogiwara 荻原倖奈

GirlsDelta Sachina Ogiwara 荻原倖奈

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149 cm and a small petite Rika Ogiwara appears in Girls Delta.
Although I was small, I got the impression that it is older than my lol.
I tried watching the video immediately.


When the video is played, Rika Ogiwara appeared in a dark blue check dress, started from a scene that sits on the sofa and shows pants.
It is a picture that you can enjoy vertical stripes made in the crotch part of the pants. I thought it was a streak that grew quite beautifully.


Next you take off your pants in a state of sleeping on the sofa and show off Walleme.
It is distinctive that there is no Hami out with a beautiful single stripe. It is distinctive that one streak is kept even if the leg is expanded somewhat.
Continuously, this time I will lift my back 180 degrees. Rika Ogiwara has a soft body.
You can see what happens to the shaved pussy when you are 180 degrees leg open.
The position of 180 ° open legs is mostly different for women, because the degree of opening of the labia minora is completely different, so where you want to pay attention.


Next is Rika Ogiwara who takes off the dress and becomes naked.
Sitting naked and on his back on the back, the camera took full care of such nakedness.
Walleme is a beautiful single stripe.
I slowly extended my legs from the closed state of the legs, and gradually I could see slowly the appearance of the small labia as the single stripe crumpled collapsed.


Kena Ogigihara who poses with whole body nude


After spreading the legs, we gently opened the cunt, peeled the foreskin and exposed the clitoris.
A clitoris stripped from the skin and a picture taken carefully inside the labia minora.
A pale pink beautiful mucous membrane looks like a cherry blossom petal.


When the scene changes, Rika Ogiwara who stands indoors in white underwear appearance.
It takes off the underwear from there and becomes naked. Deployment to take a closer look at how to take off bra and pants.
After becoming naked, you can see the whole body from the front and continue to watch the wrested up.
After reflecting usual Walleje, he put a finger in Walleme.


From around 26 minutes and 50 seconds, Rena Ogiwara sits on the bed and answers the interview naked.
My voice is pretty cute. Looks like an older sister and the voice seems to be Lori.
The boobs are big and there are places of interest.
Although it answers an interview on a phonetically basis, you will be able to see the whole body nude image-wise.

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