GirlsDelta Sanami Kawada 川田小波

GirlsDelta Sanami Kawada 川田小波

GirlsDelta Sanami Kawada 川田小波

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Kawada Konnichi is a long hair model with black hair.
It is unusually 169 cm tall.
The length of hair is until the chest.


When playing the video, Kawada Koba who appeared gray knee high appeared in a lovely dress.
I will flip the skirt while standing and show us white pants.


After that, you can see the pants by turning sideways on the sofa as it is in one piece and turning the skirt a little.
It is unpleasant that the pudding of the labia minora emerges in pants.
If you touch your pants with your fingers, you will find that it’s a bit damp.


Next you will sit your legs stretched on the sofa, turn up the skirt and show the pants.
A little low-rise-like white pants.
When I got into the scene where I spread the legs and twiddle the pants from above the pants, BGM disappeared and I heard the sound of masturbation.
When taking off white pants, it was a shaved pussy with a labia large outflowing.


The scene where he is masturbating with his fingers with his fingers has been focusing on clitoris intensively.
There was a facial expression image during masturbation, I could hear voices and sighs properly.
There is also a scene that fiddles the nipple from the top of the dress, but the reaction is good for Bikunbikun.


When you open the legs and display them in the up position, there is impact on the brown luxurious labia minora lips.
When I opened it was a big clitoris, and there was something that got another eye.
You can see plenty of time to tinkle with such creatures.
After I watched it, it showed me again.


Kawada Oimi who turned out to be sexy underwear in black from 21 minutes past.
Here is the image image with BGM.
After watching underwear in a standing state, take a brassiere and take a picture of the boobs.
It is not too big, not too small, tits of reasonable size.


When taking off the pants and becoming naked, Kawada Konnichi’s standing whole body nude is seen from the front.
The labia minora lips which are still large and the line around the labia majora are impressive.

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