GirlsDelta Someka Kamata 鎌田染華

GirlsDelta Someka Kamata 鎌田染華

GirlsDelta Someka Kamata 鎌田染華

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モデル名 鎌田染華
サイズ T158/B88/W60/H89
モデルカテゴリ 妹系 美乳 はみだし 美脚

Kamada Hika is a model that looks like the image above, and it does not change even with a movie.
Smile is said to be charming, but I think it is cute.
One-piece figure suits you.
It is an image in the room, but it is impressive that snow is falling outside the window.

First of all, I will roll up the skirt with a smile while showing up and show us white pants.
This is Girls Delta’s regular white pants, and the streaks were lifted a little.
Even after sitting on the sofa, I rolled up the skirt and started from the pants show.
I feel like smiling, I mess with Walleme with my fingers from above the fabric. You can enjoy walleye ups and facial expressions.

Next, take a pose to hold your knees with both hands while sitting on the sofa.
I could see the violent lips that were excited at that time on pants, which is quite erotic here.

If you take off your pants and become a no-bang, it will be a pose holding both legs with a smile with a moderate smile.
Veron and labia minor lips are erotic. It is also a point that often smiles.
Also, it is mysterious that when you hold your legs, you are transforming into a single line if you stretch your legs even though it is a labia minora that gets big in coming out.

There was also a scene that spreads to the left and right with fingers while sitting on chair with no pan.
Mucosa of pink and clitoris are the things.

When I got masturbation as it was, BGM disappeared and I could hear sounds and voices.
It is good to hear even a slight fricative when playing clit with fingers.

From around 23 minutes and 50 seconds, Kamada Ayaka appears in a pretty underwear appearance.
When standing up and removing underwear and becoming naked, a beautiful 1 stripe.
The scene to remove the brassie was enjoyable with several angles, it was good that it was possible to enjoy the prunmulun condition of the boobs at various angles by removing bra as lifted up.
Warame of 1 streak is also seen in the dough up, but if you extend the leg somewhat, it was not one from the bottom.
It’s a strike when I close the legs from the front.

After that, I was able to see where to touch the nipples with your fingers at various angles.
You can see expression and finger movement at the same time from underneath, and you can enjoy the bulging condition from the side.
Also, the sofa was full naked supine and there was also a video that touched lightly with sexual intercourse.





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