GirlsDelta Yuzuka Terada 寺田柚香

GirlsDelta Yuzuka Terada 寺田柚香

GirlsDelta Yuzuka Terada 寺田柚香

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Yuka Terada (YUZUKA)

Yuka Terada

Is it OK if Terada Yuka is a black hair chubby group girl?
One user in the class at the user review of the Girls Delta official site had such a child There was a neo review, but it is exactly the woman who receives such an impression.
As a manager, I felt like a girl of sports based on a boyish.

The early stage is a scene that scratches the skirt outside and scratches the crotch part of the white pants vertically with your fingers. Shaved image image A classic approach.
When pants were lowered down to the knees, it became a waste of beautiful 1 stripe.
This one line is ordinary attraction.

After opening the legs somewhat, there are scenes where you can open the labia minorae and see the labia minora.
Here, the labia minora exposed, and the inside of the labia minora was able to see neatly.

When the scene changes and comes outdoors indoors, Yuka Terada who is on his back on his black sofa.
Roll up the skirt and the genitals are seen with no pan. I removed the button of the clothes and the breasts were also visible.
It is an image picture showing the nipple of swollen boobs with fingers and exposing the clitoris.
The ultra-doubled footage of clitoris is a mint!

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