GirlsDelta Mikiha Iwashita 岩下美紀葉

GirlsDelta Mikiha Iwashita 岩下美紀葉

GirlsDelta Mikiha Iwashita 岩下美紀葉

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I will review the work of chubby Iwashita Miki.
The body type is chubby, but the form of the tits is good, and the place where the flesh is good is the mania seems to roar.
It’s not a big chubby but a good chocolate.
It is characterized by black hair and bangs.

First, Miki Iwashita who appeared in one piece and showed pants while turning the skirt.
Lay down the pants while standing, show me their ass buttlessly.
Even in this scene, the shape of the ass is still good, is not it?
After that, continuing to raise the skirt while standing, there was also a shoulder show.

When you sit stretched out your legs in the chair, roll up the skirt and show the pants.
The labyrinthine and shamisaki lines in whatever pants are wearing are irresistible.
Because it’s a perfect body it will be like this?
While wearing pants, it was quite a scenic highlight scene.

I am surprised when turning pants.
Take off your trousers and show a brash.
Eventually I open my legs and expose my clitoris and I am tinkering with my fingers.
There was also a wide open and wide opening to the left and right, and a gorgeous image was a masterpiece.

Miki Iwashita in her underwear figure

Miki Iwashita who played Santa’s cosplay appeared from the middle stage.
It appeared in a no-pan and flickering your cunt from the beginning.
I roll up the skirt and I am showing shamefully and shabby well.

Roll up and raise Santa’s clothes up, and also expose tits of reasonable size.
Expression of moderate size is appropriate, not big tits.
I was tinkering with my nipples with my fingers.
It is impressive that all the skin is beautiful.

Almost naked Iwashita Miyuba is masturbating from the way.
BGM disappears, you can enjoy the voice you are feeling and the sound that is messed with your fingers.
In terms of the image, the appearance of joy juice and the masturbation which moves the finger at high speed are the attractions.

In the next scene, Miki Iwashita who wore red underwear appeared standing.
First of all you can enjoy taking off your underwear and getting naked.
When becoming naked, it becomes breast up and Walleyeup. Anyway the skin is beautiful.

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