GirlsDelta Motoko Hayama 葉山基子

GirlsDelta Motoko Hayama 葉山基子

GirlsDelta Motoko Hayama 葉山基子

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The model who previously appeared in the name of Shizuka Seijo at Girls Delta is re-appearing in the name of Hayama Motoko this time.
【Postscript】 On 21st March, 2018, since the title changed from Hayama Motoko 1 to Seikie Rui 3, this article is a review of (SHIZUE 3).

When playing the video, Black clothing, red skirt, Hakusan baseball appeared in black socks.
At first it was crouching on the floor and I saw a panchira from the front.
Continue, stand up and see the whole body in clothes, flip the skirt and show the pants.
Although it is rashful as an explanation, the time has gone over it.
BGM is brighter.

And leave the skirt, do not take off, take off the pants, roll up the skirt while standing.
You take a pose of standing back, and you stand standing normally.
Whatever posing is happiness is seen firmly.
It is natural because it is the same person as Shigewa Junjo, but the line of the small labia minoris which is the same as the time of Seikie Seijo is impressive.

Next is Yoko Hayama who sits on his back on the sofa.
Lightly open your legs and mess with your fingers and labia major with your fingers.
There were also the opening of the M shaped leg and the chestnut.

I fell as finger masturbation as it was, and enjoyed fingering a beautiful pink crest with your fingers.
There are plenty of angles, both facial expressions and masturbation are reflected at the same time, only the local part is up.

Mid-career is Ms. Hayama’s apprentice appearing in underwear.
Pink and black underwear was stylish.
First of all, underwear appearance when standing is a picture seen normally.

When you remove the bra, you are just boobs up.
A beautiful isola is a focus point.
Continue to take off the pants, it is a picture you can watch over Walleje and shaved pans.

BGM faded out from the image image with BGM, and I was able to see the misunderstanding that you can hear Mr. Hayama’s voices.
I am standing naked and standing.
Even if the labia and labia are opened with fingers, there is a picture in which the labia minora is closed, but it was something mysterious.

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